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Globalizing the Aqualung products through iPad application

Founded in 2005, Eminosoft is satisfying onshore and offshore clients since then, by developing the effectual mobile and web based applications. Mobile application development encompass Android, iPhone, Windows, BlackBerry and new emerging technologies like Phone gap, MobiOne, Titanium. For web based applications we are specialized in developing the apps and websites in ASP.Net and PHP.

A typical customer opportunity for Eminosoft is AquaLung which is a leader in manufacturing equipment for adventure, fitness and safety whether in the water, on land or in the air. Its products are benchmarks for performance. It has a web based application (website) but here our challenge is to globalize the products to everyone who are in need of them through iPad application.

Business situation (The challenge)

The AquaLung website is used by almost all countries people for their cogent products but the challenge is to satisfy the customers who use iPad too which will be useful for the people who rely on iPad's.

The features that are to be enclosed in the app are videos of the particular product, images, detailed descriptions, showing the dealers locations in the map. Client found iPad application will be the best alternative for website to grab the customers’ attention in a very less span of time, where app can be consisted of complete information regarding products at one place and customer can take a glance.

The difficulty in compatibility, responsiveness or performance, UI of the website made the solution (iPad app) to come up also users has no need to go the store or website, using iPad, can see all the products and complete info related to the products.
The Major challenge here is show up the dealers locations in the Maps using zip codes.

The Solution

According to the mutual acquaintance the project implementation started, as this solution would reach every nook and corner of the world for the people who are interested in AquaLung products.


The project implementation started module wise. Basically, on the whole there are 3 major modules implemented

  • Product/Segment Sort results view
  • Dealer Locator results view
  • Products view

Displaying all the AquaLung products depends on categories (Regulators, Bcds, Instruments, Masks, Fins, Snorkels, wetsuits, Accessories). The information displayed in Product/Segment Sort results view and Product Pages View is the static data and videos (showing the related videos for a particular product) are retrieved from database.
Usually the view in those modules exposes detailed view with complete specifications, features and videos (Product related video) of a particular product. In the same, alternate products with different colors, specifications and videos can be viewed.
The Dealer locator results page module is the trickiest and plays vital role in the whole project. Here, using zip code, user can find out the near AquaLung stores.

Based on the users’ satisfaction and for user friendliness they were given an opportunity to use current location to recognize the nearer stores. The same stores are shown in map. Using driving direction user can know the direction between “user current location and nearer store” or "user entered zip code to the near zip code" with distance details too. This task is not an easy one as matching the zip code to zip code to find near location addresses and pointing exactly shows the intelligence. Showing all the dealers stores, addresses, distance from their current location is based on services. Using services, sending the specific zip code, retrieving the exact near location addresses for the concerned zip code, showing the address in the map within the point is most vital task in this module which we executed effectively.

Integration with third party API's:

Integration of YouTube API is accomplished to show all videos related to the Aqualung products. Facebook and Twitter integrations are also done in a perfect manner in order to display AquaLung official Facebook page & twitter pages as to give an option for users to review the details.


As the tablets users are vigorously increasing day by day, it is necessary to be an app in hand for the customer or user to focus on about their interested products all the time without always opening the website. The iPad application is a comprehensive approach implemented for users to get knowledge on wide variety of AquaLung products also on the alternate products available with them in terms of specifications, colors, features etc. This application will be useful to gain attention on the company products more easily as a result the chances of maximizing the business opportunities increases by leaps and bounds with profits. User friendliness, effectiveness of the UI and showing the dealers locations benefitted the application enormously.

Products and services company used

For an IT solution, list the technical specifications used for the solution.

  • Operating System used is iOS
  • Technical requirements used are iOS SDK, Xcode, Objective-C, JSON parsing and SQLite DB, PHP for services.
  • The third-party service used for the solution is Google API.

Client name:
Robert Larkins
City/state/ZIP Code :
Phone number:
1+(760) 597 5069
Website: aqualung.com
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