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Maintaining the portfolio in hand by iPhone/iPad apps

Business situation (The challenge)

Joey Wright is a popular photographer and has photography website. Most of the photographers, creative director’s look into the site for good models and to experience the photographic knowledge. The challenge is to keep the profound knowledge on developing the iPhone/iPad apps using the website which acts like a portfolio of the client. In the website, lack of effective UI and user friendliness made the iPhone/iPad app come up. The richness in UI and user friendliness of Smartphone and tablet is making to attract the clients too which ends up with solution.

The features that are enclosed in the app are Different types of models images, favorites, publishing the photos on the walls of social networking sites, information about the client & app, displaying up to date news, tweets & comments that users give to the app and client. Client, Joey Write, found iPhone/iPad application will be the best alternative for website to grab the creative heads attention showing his portfolio by hand in a very less span of time, where app can be consisted of complete information regarding his recent photos, new models images at one place also can target like creative directors and potential clients. The difficulty in compatibility, responsiveness or performance and UI of the website made the solution (iPhone/iPad app) to come up also potential clients has no need to go the website, using smartphone and tablet, can see entire photographer’s models images and complete info under one roof.

The Major challenge here is to show up the models images with effective UI and the recent photos or images should be updated at the backend from website to application where we use push notification services here in order to intimate user about the updated photos. Updating the images while internet connection establishes and displaying them without internet connection (Offline functionality) is the critical task to handle.

The Solution

According to the mutual acquaintance the project implementation started, as this solution would reach to the eyes of potential people who are able to recognize the creativity.


The project implementation started module wise. Basically, on the whole the major modules implemented are

  • Displaying of different models images
  • Using push notification services updating the images from back end and showing off them in front end
  • Publishing the photos on the walls social networking sites and adding the photos to favorites view
  • News , tweets and comments view

Showing the models images or photos depends on the categories (Beauty and portraits). Every image or photo in a category exposes a bigger view where there will be chance to swipe to move to other photo in a same category.
Here, displaying the images plays an important role as the app should also work in offline. First we retrieve images through services and will dump them into SQLite DB. Then the images or photos are retrieved from DB to display in grid manner in front end.

When the application establishes connection with internet at the backend, the images are retrieved from the website and will be updated into the app. As soon as the recent images are updated, user will be sent a push notification indicating the recently updated photos. This will usually make the application work efficiently and reduces re downloading of photos.
Usually when an image is shown in a clear view, user is given an option to share that image in different social networking sites if interested. Also, user (who is viewing the app) can add a particular photo to favorites list if interested. That image can be viewed in favorites view. Can add "n" number of images to favorites list.
Displaying news regarding the photo shoots, Tweets of the client and comments is separate module. The required information about the news, tweets and comments comes from services. We retrieved the info from services to display them.
Based on the users’ satisfaction and for user friendliness the development took place. The final solution shows our intelligence.
The challenges we have handled during the development phase are maintaining the version compatibility and mainly the UI which includes orientations for iPad application. The application is developed in such a way which supports from earlier version to latest version.

Integration with third party API's:

Integration of Facebook, Twitter API’s along with email is done in a perfect manner in order to share the models photos to others for creative users to review.


As the smartphone and tablet users are vigorously increasing day by day, it is necessary to be an app in hand for the photographers to show their portfolio all the time without always visiting the website.
This iPhone/iPad application is a comprehensive approach implemented for all not only for photographers to expose themselves in front of creative heads and potential clients and to show off the character behind the camera.
This application will be useful as portfolio where one can gain attention on photography talent in showing the models in a fashionable way which in turn results in maximizing the business opportunities with profits.
This kind of applications also benefits for models who are waiting for right opportunity.
User friendliness, effectiveness of the UI, Offline functionality benefitted the application enormously.

Products and services company used

For this IT solution, list the technical specifications used are

  • Operating System used is iOS (compatible from version 4 to latest version).
  • Technical requirements used are iOS SDK, Xcode, Objective-C, JSON parsing and SQLite DB, PHP for services.
  • The third-party services used for the solution are FB and Twitter API’s

Customer name:
Joey Wright
City/state/ZIP Code :
Website: joeywrightphotography.com
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