Android Clients Portfolio
  • Description:
    Be a part of the future of entertainment and watch the Off Topic Mobile TV show right from your phone or tablet. Like and share the show with your friends, right from your mobile device.

  • Description:
    Get the latest news from 6tv Telugu News Channel from Andhrapradesh,india The official 6tv Android app brings you Latest stories and videos from the 6tv studios in Andhrapradesh. It also gets a completely new interactive experience for larger tablet devices.

  • Description:
    Try and win levels that will test your ability to be dumb. A game that will test how dumb you can be... It takes genius to be stupid. Use the app to test yourself. Get to the next level by make bad decisions.

  • Description:
    Leave loneliness behind you? Looking for ways to pray? Pray in vain repetitions without results?

  • Description:
    The "Office Ergonomics Evaluation" app QUICKLY let's you set-up your computer workstation or laptop correctly to enhance comfort and prevent discomfort and injuries.

  • Description:
    Easy DIY Projects through Alternative Uses for Common Household Products. There's more than one use for lots of common household products.

  • Blitzit developed by Eminosoft

    Get instant deals on your phone right now!
    Whether you're hanging out with friends, looking for a fun family activity, or just trying to decide where to grab a bite to eat, you'll want Blitzit right at your fingertips.

  • Minevitser developed by Eminosoft

    Mine vister er en samling vitser fra barn til både barn og voksne. I denne app´en kan du også skrive inn dine egne vitser.
    Første gang app´en åpnes, bruker den litt tid på å laste ned de nyeste vitsene.

  • popgotme developed by Eminosoft

    This app displays mugshots and charges of people arrested in your local area and is updated on a weekly basis. For information beyond the app please visit

  • isiddur

    This holy hi-tech Siddur includes prayers for the following traditions (nusachim):
    *Ashkenaz, *Sefarad, *Nusach Ari, *Edut Hamizrach.

  • filthyphrasebook

    For the world traveler who is looking for something more... The slang phrasebook for all your language translation needs.
    It’s 2 am, you’re in Tijuana, Mexico, muy borracho and on your way to Adelita.

  • christunveiled

    A free radio application with the greatest Christian music, sermons, and bible studies on the internet.

  • greatbodylanguage

    Use great body language to feel more confident, impress on a date and lots more. How good would it be to use great body language to get a payrise, win at sport, feel more confident, or impress on a date? What could you achieve in life if you had great body language?

  • mywish

    Ever wanted to make a wish and have it granted?...Well now here is your chance to have your wish granted for 1 year..Download now and take part of the wishes!

  • iCountDown

    Watch the time tick away as we near Justin Biebers 18th birthday... There is a special feature in here for all you fans as well and will make the download worth it....

  • Off Topic Mobile

    Client Name:
  • 6Tv

    Client Name:
  • Dumbest Option Quiz

    Client Name:
  • iPray

    Client Name:
    Francine van Broekhoven
  • Office Ergonomics Evaluation

    Client Name:
    Heather Main
  • Save Green by Going Green

    Client Name:
    Mark Garza
  • Blitzit - Got Plans?

    Client Name:
    Blitzit, Inc.
  • Mine vitser

    Client Name:
    M. Olderheim
  • POPO Got ME

    Client Name:
    walter brown
  • iSiddur Jewish Siddur Lite

    Client Name: Yonason
  • Filthy Phrasebook

    Client Name: Mark Garza
  • Christ Unveiled Radio

    Client Name: Christ Unveiled Ministries
  • Great Body Language in 7 days

    Client Name: How To: Apps
  • My Wish

    Client Name: Mirac Development
  • iCountdown Bieber

    Client Name:Mirac Development